Pineapple Costumes for all Shapes and Sizes


You don’t have to wait for Halloween for it to be costume season. Throw a themed party. Make doing your daily chores more fun. Show up to work in a pineapple costume and the day is guaranteed to be glorious. The best part about it all, there are pineapple costumes for your pets, your babies, and yourself.

Pineapple Costumes for Baby

Pineapple costume for babyWhat could possibly be cuter than a baby in a pineapple costume? Seriously. If you live in a cooler climate, these pineapple costumes could easily be worn with cute tights and a long sleeve onesie underneath to keep baby warm and still look adorable.

What could possibly be cuter that a baby pineapple costume?!

No matter the age, there seems to be a pineapple costume for everyone. Don’t let this kid fool you. He’s all about being a pineapple for the day.

pineapple costume for kids

Pineapple Costumes for Adults

With the right style and fit, you could be one fine-apple. This look could keep you really warm if warn with tights or could easily be warn in the summer months with bare legs.

Pineapple overload

Either way you look at it, if you’re dressed like the best fruit of all, you’re in for a good time. How could anyone not be smiling in the presence of such a wonderful charismatic friendly fruit?

Pineapple Adult Costume – $56.93

Retail Price: $72.63
You Save: $15.70