Pineapple Shoes You Can Wear Anywhere


Pineapple shoes can compliment any outfit. There are enough styles that you can find a pair to go with any look for any occasion. Men and women, boys and girls. There are pineapple shoes for everyone.

Dressy Pineapple Shoes

MUST HAVE these pineapple shoes - Pineapple high heels

These super sexy pineapple shoes are the ultimate tropical pumps. They are sure to carry you into a fabulous night to remember.

If you’d rather not rock a tall heel, there are these awesome pineapple flats. Marc Fisher always makes a great shoe. Excellent quality and very comfortable.

Super cute pineapple shoes

Perhaps somewhere between a high heel and a flat is where you’re more comfortable. Well, there are these great chunky pineapple shoes that aren’t too high. So retro and cute!

Love these retro chunky pineapple shoes!

Everyday Pineapple Shoes

Some of these casual styles could be worn everyday. They certainly are cute and comfortable enough to do just that.

These Keds come with laces and without.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these Keds Pineapple Shoes

These smoking slipper style pineapple shoes are so perfect for the beach! Love that natural hemp look. These would look great with a sun dress, a pair of shorts or capris.

Pineapple shoes are the best

Maybe you need some good everyday shoes for the office. These pineapple flats are just dressy enough to be great for any occasion–work, school, play–they’re sure to make you the trendiest, comfiest gal on the scene.

dressy ballerina pineapple shoes

Guys, Look No Further…

Three words: pineapple Chuck Taylors. Yes. They exist. These are probably the coolest shoes for men that have ever been made. Simply amazing.

OMG Pineapple Chuck Taylors. Is this real life?

These shoes for men are also fantastic. Imagine strutting these through a small town only to bump into a sweet, cute girl wearing a pair of her own pineapple flats. Love at first…step. The pineapple of your eye…

Men's pineapple shoes

No matter your taste, there are some sweet pineapple kicks waiting for you. Check out the Pineapple Playa store for more great looks!